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Spring shine recipes #4: natural hair

- 04/26/2022

Spring is the season of renewal. Sun, light and nature in its expansive state invite us to join in. This is the best time to get your hair ready. Today we propose a simple but effective recipe that will help you to achieve your dream hair.

We're not going to complicate your life: taking care of yourself with plants is very easy and intuitive. We have prepared a natural recipe that combines oils and foods that you can easily find at home. Shall we get started?

Detoxifying and nourishing mask for natural hair

Special for: hair that already uses natural products, which means, healthy hair. If you are coming from synthetic colouring or chemical treatments, this is NOT the mask for you.

Ingredients and tools: 4 tablespoons of Ghassoul volcanic clay, 2 tablespoons de Grape Seed and Petitgrain oil, 1 glass of milk (can be of any kind, from cow or vegetable), 1 bowl, 1 wood tablespoon.

Preparation: In a bowl add 4 tablespoons of clay and a glass of milk. Stir with a spoon or a dye brush until you get a chocolate texture. If you find that you need more liquid, add a little warm water, until you get a chocolate texture. Apply the mixture from roots to ends (with previously washed and damp hair), and leave it on for 30 min. You can wrap the hair with a towel to keep it warm. Afterwards, wash hair and apply conditioner if necessary.

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