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Team curly vs. team straight

- 03/22/2023

Nature has given us a beautiful diversity of hair that makes each one of us special. From super-curly hair to intensely straight hair, all of them are valid and deserve to be worn with pride with the right care. Do you know what they are?

To get the most out of your hair type, it's just as important to use the right products and routines as it is to know exactly what your hair's more 'technical' characteristics are that make it behave in a certain way. For example, have you ever wondered why curly hair tends to look drier and straight hair shinier? Because information is power, in this article we explain the main characteristics and needs of curly and straight hair so you can take care of your hair with the freedom of knowledge..

What does curly hair look like?

The hair follicle of curly hair has an irregular, helix-like shape, which is easily visible from the outside because of the curly shape of the strand. There is a whole range of levels of curl from tighter to more open, and from tighter to tighter. Depending on the products and care we use, the curl can take on a more or less pronounced shape. For example, the way you dry it can change its appearance.

The helix shape of curly hair also affects hydration. Normally, curly hair is drier because the natural oil secreted by the sebaceous glands in the scalp cannot reach the ends. That's why we need to emphasise hydration.

What does straight hair look like?

The hair follicle of straight hair is round and grows vertically to the surface of the scalp. The strand is more like a straight line, so the hair grows straight from the root and hardly takes shape or curls.

Have you noticed that, in general, straight hair tends to be shinier and more polished than wavy and curly hair? Because of the characteristics mentioned above, the natural oils secreted by the scalp are well distributed throughout the hair strands, reaching the ends. It also makes it easier to retain the moisture needed to keep the hair hydrated, which is why - if it is well cared for - there is less of an emphasis on moisturising treatments. But that's not to say that this hair never dries out: regular use of straighteners, blow-dryers and chemical dyes punishes all hair equally.

Products and routines for curly hair

The products and the care routine you follow for curly hair will determine whether your curls will be more defined, elastic and shiny.

When it comes to washing, less is more: as curly hair tends to be drier, it is best not to over-wash as soaps remove the hair's natural moisture. If this is the first time you use natural cosmetics such as Henna Morena, we recommend that you start with the solid format, as it has a greater washing capacity and will help you to remove the remains of products that you have used in the past and that remain in your hair. After that, we recommend you go back to sulphate-free liquids, such as Honey & Orange. Why? This format is more moisturising and has a conditioning effect. As an extra, it is also interesting to introduce regular washes with our Shikakai vegetable shampoo powder, which comes from the Acacia Concinna plant and has repairing, soothing and regenerating properties, as well as providing vitamins A, C, K and D.

Moisturising is synonymous with definition: it is what gives curly hair flexibility and defines the wave. Conditioners and masks are a must in the washing routine, as they complement the cleansing action of the shampoo and, in the case of solid shampoos, seal the hair cuticle. Tip: If you want maximum definition of your curls, apply conditioner as a leave-in on wet hair and don't rinse it out. It's also important to moisturise your hair at home. For us, shea butter oil masks every 15 days are a must for a curly mane.

The final essential touch: finishing products that help you style and define. If you want hold, Aloe Vera gel; and if you don't want so much hold but want to control frizz, Hydrating serum with Silicon and Jojoba.

Always comb, never brush: brushes tend to break the hair and take away the shape of the curl. Curly-haired friends, wide-tooth combs are your allies.

Products and routines for straight hair

As we've already told you, straight hair doesn't require as much moisturising care. If we don't mistreat it with synthetic dyes or heat, and we follow a good washing routine with conditioner and/or mask, it will be enough.

If your hair is straight and dry or damaged, we recommend using sulphate-free liquid shampoos such as Honey & Orange or Henna & Silicon (especially if you have coloured hair). You can also alternate with the solid format. If you have an oily tendency, use Grapefruit shampoo, and if it is fine and without volume, use Juniper shampoo.

As a second step in the wash, you can moisturise with our liquid conditioner or the Sage and Orange mask (only once a week). Don't worry because neither will weigh your hair down. As a last step in case you have frizz, you can apply the Hydrating serum with Silicon and Jojoba, which will help polish the cuticle and improve smoothness. But, above all, remember not to overuse heavy products because they will make your hair look greasier and without volume.

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