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The 7 shades of Henna Morena's natural hair dye

- 02/01/2023

Have you been colouring your hair with plants for years and feel like you need a change? Are you new to plant-based hair colouring and don't know what formula will give you the shade you're looking for? Are you passionate about natural hair colouring and want to know all the shades available at Henna Morena? Read on!

Our natural dyes are made of 100% plants that pigment the hair naturally. Unlike synthetic dyes, vegetable dyes do not break the structure of the hair to get inside it, but are deposited on the surface of the hair instead. Therefore, the resulting shade will depend to a large extent on the colour base that you already have. You should also bear in mind that plants will never bleach or lighten the initial shade, because this can only be done with synthetic ingredients that break down the cuticle.

Here we present our colour range in order, from darkest to lightest:

DARK CHESTNUT or DARK BROWN: Índigo with Henna

This vegetable dye is the result of mixing two pigmenting plants: Indigosfera tinctoria, better known as Indigo, and Lawsonia Inermis, Henna. It is especially suitable for dark brown hair or brunettes who want to dye their hair the same shade, covering grey hair.


We recommend this shade for dark brown or brunette hair. To reinforce pigmentation and achieve darker shades, you may need to colour on two steps; first, dye with Henna. Then, rinse and dry your hair before applying this shade on top. This formula covers grey hair, something that will be further reinforced as you repeat the application.

CHOCOLATE: Walnut with Indigo

This vegetable dye contains Walnut, Indigo and Henna, and aims to achieve a chocolate brown shade on brown or dark hair. This formula covers grey hair and prevents coppery tones.


This combination provides L-arginine, vitamins and minerals, which help to improve blood circulation to the scalp, strengthening the hair roots.

HAZELNUT: Henna with Cassia Obovata

The combination of Henna with Cassia, in the proportion that we offer you in this product and applied in the following way on brown hair, results in hazelnut tones with soft coppery highlights.

Henna con cassia

This formula mixes two plants with a large amount of vitamins and minerals that thicken the hair, strengthen it, give it a spectacular shine and stop hair loss. So, in addition to colour, you will be applying a healthy hair treatment.


We have 4 products called Henna, but they all have the same result: coppery tones. The difference between one and the other is the infusion of plants that accompanies the Henna, which will give you several extra benefits to your hair: Henna with Thyme and Nettle infusion, Henna with Rosemary and Sage infusion, Henna with Lavender and Orange Blossom infusion and Henna with Black Tea, Cinnamon and Hibiscus infusion.

henna con té negro

The Lawsonia Inermis (Henna) plant always dyes in a coppery tone and achieves very natural copper highglights on dark brown and dark copper hair. Henna also has multiple benefits for the hair: it strengthens the hair, prevents hair loss, provides nutrients, is antibacterial, gives volume and eliminates dandruff.


Contains the powdered mixture of two fresh pigmenting plants: Chamomile and Henna.

Henna con manzanilla

This formula has a different effect depending on the hair on which it is applied: it is especially suitable for redheads that want to refresh their colour, but it also works for dark browns who want to keep or refresh smooth coppery highlights. Our ambassador, Arantxa Areta, loves it, as it adds a very flattering honey tone to her light brown hair.


This formula combines the pigmenting power of Chamomile with 5% Henna, the minimum necessary for golden blonde.


This combination tones down grey hair and gives very natural golden tones on blonde and light hair.

LIGHT BLONDE: Chamomile with Cassia Obovata

Vegetable mixture of a pigmenting plant, Chamomile, with a plant that strengthens hair and gives it shine due to its large amount of vitamins and minerals, Cassia Obovata.

Manzanilla con Cassia

This formula also contains other plants such as Rosemary or Henna, which will help keep hair stronger, healthier and shinier. It also includes a sachet to prepare the mixture with Calendula, Chamomile and Orange Peel infusion, which enhances and maintains the blonde colour.

This is an ideal tone for light blonde or white hair.

Vegetable hair colouring is not an exact science and the tones we offer you are for guidance only: the result will depend on the initial state of your hair, its correct hydration and the products you have used in the past.

If you want to make an integral and immersive process to the vegetable colouring, start by recovering your hair with a detox and moisturising base process: you will see that the plants discover the potential of your hair and little by little you will find the tone that best suits you.

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