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The Secret to Make Your Hair Color Last Longer in Summer

- 07/04/2024

Do you find that you need to touch up your hair color more frequently in the summer? If this happens to you, it's because you're not giving your hair cuticle (which is the outer part of the hair) the protection and hydration it needs to avoid deteriorating and losing the pigment molecules attached to it.

Remember that pheomelanin (responsible for blonde and reddish tones) contains more sulfur and is less effective against UV rays than eumelanin (responsible for brown and black tones). This explains why light hair is more susceptible to sun damage and fading.

With these tips and care, your mane will continue to be the envy of summer!


1. Protect your hair from the sun and water

Summer brings sun, pool, and beach! But our hair needs extra care. More than just a weekly mask, I recommend the Night Regenerating Serum. It’s like an antioxidant elixir for your hair, with Argan, Ylang Ylang, Hemp, and Moringa, which works wonders while you sleep. You'll wake up with soft, frizz-free hair and spectacular color.

2. Wash your hair with fresh water

Saltwater and chlorine are not friends of your hair. Pool chlorine and sea salt can dry out and change your hair color. Therefore, the first thing after swimming is to rinse your hair with fresh water and wash it with a sulfate-free shampoo.

Use a natural shampoo to remove all the dirt and dead cells; an ideal one would be the Henna and Silica Flower Shampoo, which repairs the cuticle and strengthens the hair. If you have very dry hair, choose the Honey and Orange Shampoo, a very nourishing and repairing soap.

3. Hydration before washing: that’s the Hair Oil

Hair oil is your ally all year round, but in summer, even more so. Why? Because first-pressed cold hair oil provides healthy fats that compensate for dryness, and also deeply repairs the hair.

How should you use it? Leave it on your hair for at least two hours, then wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Our recommendation? The Almond and Myrrh Oil if you have normal hair, or the Grape Seed and Petit Grain Oil if your hair is very damaged.

You'll notice a 180º change in just one application, recovering shine and softness. (Remember, though, not to expose yourself to the sun with the oil on; rinse it out first!). But most importantly, you’ll notice brighter, longer-lasting, and more intense color.

4. A must for extra dry, thick, and curly hair: Homemade Mask with Shea and Oil

Take a portion of Shea Butter, melt it in a bain-marie, and apply it to your dry hair, leaving it on for about two hours. It’s like a spa treatment at home, the best for hydrating and repairing your hair! Our butter is 100% natural, super moisturizing, and a natural regenerator capable of healing and repairing amazingly. However, if you have very fine hair, this tip is not for you: the fat molecule in shea is too large for fine hair and could weigh it down and make it look dull.

5. Healthy habits, more spectacular color

Adequate nutrition is essential for the development and well-being of the body, which translates into healthy hair. The need for amino acids in the scalp is very high due to its constant cell turnover. Therefore, lack of protein leads to an alteration in collagen production and connective tissue, affecting hair health and color.

A balanced diet should include foods rich in linoleic acids such as sunflower oil, sesame, wheat germ, flaxseed, borage, herring, salmon, avocados, and nuts. Your hair will thank you with shine and strength.

Regular physical exercise is also important: endorphins do wonders for our mood and also for our hair! Less stress, less frizz, and more shine. With exercise, the body is better oxygenated, and that, without a doubt, translates into a better general state, including hair and its color shine.

Protection, hydration, healthy habits, and show off spectacular color in summer.

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