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A further step towards sustainability

- 05/31/2019

We are launching a campaign in our Barcelona showroom to collect the empty PET containers from our products. The aim: to take responsibility for recycling and to raise awareness that, by doing so, we all win. A gesture that adds up, an initiative of responsibility and awareness.


Our Oils, Shampoos, Masks, Gel and Detangler are packaged in a plastic called PET. It is 100% recyclable, and is the resin with the best characteristics for recycling, according to Greenpeace. By recycling we get to use less new plastic, which means a reduction in raw materials and CO2. 

Every year the equivalent of 1,200 times the weight of the Eiffel Tower reaches the oceans and seas. Every second more than 200 kilos of rubbish end up in the oceans.

Every day 30 million cans and plastic bottles are abandoned in Spain.

On the occasion of Environment Day and Ocean Day, June 5th and 8th respectively, we have decided to start a recycling campaign that is here to stay. Forever.

What does it consist of?

If you bring the empty Henna Morena products to our shop, we will deduct €0.50 from your next purchase, which is cumulative and unlimited. We will make sure that they are reused and avoid creating new materials. It's as easy as that. In the end, it's a win-win situation.


Do you know our most environmentally friendly packaging?

We work with plants. We are nature. That's why our new products have increasingly eco-friendly packaging: our cosmetic powders, such as our Vegetal Shampoo, Clay or Walnut are packaged in paper and PET. Or our Shea Butter is packaged in PP, an eco-sustainable and highly recyclable material free of bisphenol A, non-toxic.  

Also our Hair Infusions, which we offer in cellophane paper, a natural polymer derived from cellulose. Even the samples we give out in the shop and in our workshops are in biodegradable corn starch packaging. 

We are working to create an increasingly sustainable brand, with materials that are both respectful and safe, and allow us to keep the benefits of our products intact.  


Proximity is also more respectful

Transport is the main source of pollution, which is why we work with a local laboratory in Barcelona. In addition, as we have lightweight packaging, the cost of fuel is also lower. It all adds up.



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