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Summer: intensive moisturising with oil and shea butter

- 06/21/2016

Swimming pool, sea, sun... those magic words that tell us that summer is finally here. And with it comes the need to take extra care of our hair. It's not enough to apply a mask once a week or moisturising products on the ends. We need extra hydration, such as that provided by the combination of two very Henna Morena products.


The first product you need for intensive moisturising is actually an ingredient in itself: the almighty Shea butter, which we've already talked about here. Its properties are endless: most notably, it is a skin and scalp moisturiser. In other words, it moisturises the deep layers of the scalp, repairing it in depth. Our pure Shea Butter tablets are 100% organic, and have been made by women in the traditional way in Burkina Faso.


The other product you need is one of our first cold-pressed hair oils. Two hours applied to dry hair and you will notice how your texture and shine will clearly improve, because it has nourished the inside of your hair.


Melt a little bit of shea butter and in a bowl, add it to a little bit of oil (enough to cover all your hair). Apply the mixture carefully to dry hair and leave it on for 2 hours.

If you repeat this mask once a week throughout the summer, you'll end the summer with great hair.

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