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Walnut and Cassia Obovata: post-summer superfoods for hair

- 09/06/2023

It's time to say bye to the damages of summer with these two powder treatments that, when applied to hair, improve its texture and health with noticeable results in just 1 application.

Don't you find that when the holidays are over, you feel like going back home to take care of yourself and reorganise your routines? Cooking healthy meals at home, getting back to your skincare routine, even doing a detox... Well, your hair needs that too! This is when Cassia Obovata and Walnut, two superfoods for hair, come into action.

Why are they called superfoods? 

Both plants coat and protect the hair cuticle and nourish it with essential nutrients that provide a multitude of properties and benefits. Among them, they help us to:

- Strengthen hair and roots: stronger, more body, less breakage.

- Improve shine and silky texture, because it acts naturally on the hair's keratin, reinforcing its structure and enhancing the natural colour.

- Prevent hair loss thanks to the high content of L-arginine, an amino acid that helps scalp circulation.

- Regulate dry or oily hair because it balances the pH of the scalp from the root. With regular use, you can regulate this pH to a neutral state.

Although they are treatments that are applied to the hair, we like to think of them as hair food that you should apply monthly as a boost to your hair routine.

Difference between Nogal y Cassia, y cuál escoger

Both Cassia Obovata and Walnut share properties. The difference is that Walnut contains natural tannins that very slightly dye the hair brown. That's why, if you are a brunette, Walnut will help you to revive your natural brown colour as well as providing the other benefits. For all other hair, we recommend Cassia Obovata, but be careful! If you have bleached hair, it is crucial that you go first through steps 1 and 2 of the Henna Morena Method: Cassia Obovata on bleached hair can react and affect the colour, leading to an undesirable result. It is very important that these plant treatments are applied on hair that has been previously moisturised and treated with the Henna Morena moisturising range (oils, conditioners and masks) so that the hair absorbs its minerals on a hair balance.

How to prepare these powder treatments? 

Both the Cassia and the Walnut should be prepared with herbal infusions and, once the mixture has been prepared, add 3 or 4 tablespoons of one of the Henna Morena oils. Why? Because hair oils are healthy fats whose molecules penetrate the hair fibre and deposit vitamins, minerals and fatty acids in the hair follicle. This repairs and seals the hair cuticle and, at the same time, keeps it well hydrated by retaining the natural water in the hair.

Now that you've got everything, check out these two preparation video tutorials: Cassia Obovata and Walnut and revive your hair!

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