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We love your curls! We'll tell you which products are your allies

- 02/16/2024

For years, curly hair has endured the tyranny of straighteners, smoothing treatments, and products that went against its natural state. Fortunately, curls are now experiencing a moment of absolute freedom, and today the curly world is a thriving movement.

At Henna Morena, we declare ourselves in love with curly hair, although we know that they require specific routines and care that one must become familiar with.

If for years you have given up on your curls and you feel like reconciling with them, you are on the right page.

Don't know where to start to recover your curly mane? Don't worry, keep reading because in this article, we'll tell you about your allies for your hair care routine.

The keys to caring for curly hair


Curly hair tends to be drier, so it's best not to overdo the washes since soaps can strip away the hair's natural moisture. If you're getting started with natural cosmetics, as we explain in our Henna Morena Method, following step 1, you will need to perform a hair detox. Therefore, we recommend that you start with the solid shampoo format, as they have greater cleaning power and will help remove any residues from products you may have used in the past. Choose Cocoa and Shea shampoo bar, emollient and moisturizing, with natural sulfates derived from coconut and providing all the benefits of cocoa, coconut, and shea

Once you have reset your hair, we recommend sulfate-free liquid shampoos. To avoid drying out the hair or stripping away natural oils, your best ally will be our Honey and Orange shampoo.


To restore the health of your curls, it's essential to have well-hydrated hair. Hydration is synonymous with definition, it is what provides flexibility and defines the hair's waves. After each wash, it is essential that you use Orange and Shea detangler or, if you want to provide an extra dose of hydration, you can opt for the Henna and Shea mask. Conditioners and masks complement the cleansing action of the shampooand, in the case of solid shampoos, they seal the hair cuticle. Here's a tip: If you want maximum definition for your curls, apply the conditioner as a leave-in with wet hair and do not rinse it out.

Apply an oil mask every week,on dry hair from mid-length to ends. Let it sit for a minimum of 2 hours, if you can leave it overnight, even better. Subsequently, wash your hair with honey and orange liquid shampoo and rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. If your hair is damaged by synthetic dyes, apply the Grape Seed and Petit Grain Oil, it is a natural and highly moisturizing antioxidant. Another option is the Almond Oil with Henna Flower, it contains a larger fatty molecule, ideal for curly and thick hair.