Marta León

Marta León is a lover of the sun, the sea, and hormones. She was raised on a farm, and for her, natural care is essential. She sports a long mermaid mane that she cares for both internally through diet and externally. 

Which values of Henna Morena do you identify with the most? 

Well, to be honest, with many! Primarily, the respect for ourselves and the Earth we live on. I try to keep this principle in mind every day through my own project. And then, one of the things I love most about Henna Morena is that it's a 100% feminine brand, created and sustained by women to contribute to the well-being of women. 

What is your particular ritual with Henna Morena products? 

Well, I have several, but my favorite and most regular one is applying a mask with almond oil scented with Jasmine and Orange Blossom once a week (usually on Sunday evenings). And then washing my hair with the solid cocoa and Shea shampoo. While letting it air dry, I apply a bit of Silicon and Jojoba serum to the ends. It's a journey of softness and scent for the senses!! And of course, I close the week feeling like a queen. 

How has your hair changed since using Henna Morena? 

I've had very long hair for many years, and it's true that since I met you a year ago, my hair breaks less, especially at the ends. Before, it was normal for me to trim the ends every so often because they would easily split, but for the past year, with much more hydrated hair, this no longer happens. 

Do you have any advice or tricks you'd like to share? 

If you have dry hair tendencies, very long hair like mine, or you dye your hair, you need hydration. And for me, the best hydration comes from regularly applying oil masks. Even in summer, you can feel the difference. 

How would you explain Henna Morena to a friend? 

Henna Morena is the type of hair cosmetics you'd make at home because all the products used are natural, with the convenience that it's already made. An ideal option for those of us who love natural cosmetics that nourish our hair but don't have as much time as we'd like to prepare Henna mixes or masks or natural shampoos. 

What product do you recommend the most? 

The solid shampoos, I like them all. My favorite is the Cocoa and Shea one! I think they're the best option for traveling. Since they're not liquid, they're also useful for long trips where we need to pack our luggage carefully. And you get quality in very little space. 

What is your essential product if you had to go to a deserted island? 

My favorite without a doubt is the almond oil scented with Jasmine and Orange Blossom. It's responsible for keeping my mane healthy after summer and it's the one that transports me to the scent of Andalusia.