Damaged hair

Mistreating hair with chemicals ends up taking its toll. You need to de-stress the hair, pamper it, and allow it to breathe again. High quality shampoos, shea to regenerate in depth, Serum for the tips and Cassia Obovata or Henna, depending on what you have used up to now and what you want to achieve (see below for information). Put your hair in "Intensive Care" and you will get it back.

Henna or Cassia Obovata after having dyed with chemicals?

1- If the dye is one of the so-called “ecological” ones, that is, doesn´t contain ammonia, oxidants or parabens, you may use the henna the same day that you dye it. Why? To give it a nice copper hue in addition to providing vitamins, shine and volume.

2- If the dye is called “chemical” dye, with ammonia, parabens or non oxidant coloring components, you should allow at least two weeks since the last application before the application of henna. The ammonia is an alkaline ingredient that lifts the hair cuticle and allows the dye to penetrate inside in an aggressive manner.The hair should be left to recover so that the natural pigments can act. Otherwise, the henna may not pigment the hair enough and you won´t notice its color.

3- If the dye contains oxidizing elements, esentially to clarify the base tone (from brunette to blonde, for example), we advise you not to use henna right away. You should leave at least a few months until its application, and we always advise initially using an ecological dye to achieve a tone close to that of your base color. In hair that is typically undernourished, dry or lacking in minerals you should do almond oil or shea masks once a week, to restore the elasticity and thickness of the hair.

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