Did you know that hair frizz is due to lack of hydration and loss of moisture? The wind and cold of these months weaken it, and the excessive use of irons or the dryer cause your hair to lose its natural moisture. But no need to panic, in Henna Morena we have what you need to restore all the softness and strength to your hair.

To begin with, we recommend a weekly mask with one of our almond oils, for 4 weeks. Sounds great as a February beauty challenge, right? You can also do it with our Shea Butter, which is a perfect moisturizer for the skin and for the scalp, in addition to repairing in depth.

Always use a brush with wood teeth to avoid friction, and finish your hairdo with our Aloe Gel for curly hair, or with our Mediterranean Serum with Silicon. Pop it in the bag and take it with you everywhere.

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