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With your order you help us to plant trees
In 2019 we started a campaign for the reforestation of trees that we called Green Days. This year we have decided that this action must stay in Henna Morena. We will donate part of each order for reforestation projects around the world. Why do we do it? If reforestation is done correctly, it helps to improve the environment and counteract the consequences of climate change.
A women’s business
Our business is created by and for women. Because we believe in a feminine business model.
Reduced productions, to the rhythm of the nature
We pack small quantities of each product. We don’t want to have plant stock for a long time, because the benefits of fresh plants would disappear. We always want to offer you a high quality product, freshly crushed, si that you have the guarantee of always buying plants from the crop of the year.
Social view
We work with the Ragussi Association, in Burkina Faso, where more than 1200 women work making shea butter by hand. Shea allows them to be financially independent and the project helps them feel part of a community, which implies an improvement in self-esteem and self-confidence.
Production and packaging in Spain
All of our products are packaged in Spain and most of them are made locally. This allows us to control the quality of each product and also as a commitment to local industry. Often, this commitment to proximity has an impact on higher costs for Henna Morena, but we believe it is worth it.
Recyclable or compostable packaging
Our conscience also reaches into the materials we use to package our products. The material we use is recyclable and, in some cases, compostable.
We currently have a bottle collection campaign in our store. For each empty container that you bring us, we will give you € 0.50 for your next purchase.

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