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Todo lo que tienes que saber sobre el lavado del cabello

- 28/10/2020

Do you wash your hair properly, do you use the right products, do you know if the shampoo you use is the one your hair really needs?

Washing hair is such an everyday act that we don't include it as a beauty routine, but as a grooming routine, and we often tiptoe around it, without thinking about what our hair needs. Today we will talk about some basics to make a good hair wash and to choose a good shampoo.

Step 1: Know your hair type

To do this, we recommend that you take a look at the articles in our magazine in which we deal with different topics. Here are some of them: frizzy hair, difference between straight and curly hair, hair after 45 years...

If you don't quite know what to do and want help, try our hHair Coaching service.

Paso 2: escoge un buen champú

At Henna Morena we like to have both formats at hand: the liquid and the solid, and combine them according to the moment and need of the hair. We recommend you to read this blog before continuing.

Now that you know their differences, you can choose your shampoo(s):

VERY DAMAGED HAIR -> Honey & Orange Shampoo and Cocoa & Shea Solid Shampoo.  

DRY HAIR -> Sage and Lavender Shampoo and Coconut solid shampoo 

NORMAL & HEALTHY HAIR -> Honey & Orange Shampoo and Green Tea solid shampoo 

CURLY HAIR -> Honey & Orange Shampoo and Cocoa & Shea Butter Solid Shampoo 

HEALTHY AND TONED HAIR -> Henna and Silicium Shampoo  

FRAGILE AND FALLING HAIR -> Nettle & Thyme Shampoo 

HAIR WITH LACK OF VOLUME -> Sage and Lavender Shampoo

HAIR WITH DANDRUFF -> Nettle and Thyme Shampoo and Juniper Pitch Solid Shampoo

OILY HAIR -> Grapefruit Solid Shampoo 

THIN AND/OR SENSITIVE HAIR -> Juniper Pitch Solid Shampoo

Step 3: choose a conditioner and a mask

Both are essential products on your washing routine. Here we explain you why. Now, choose yours: 

NORMAL HAIR -> Orange and Shea Butter Liquid Conditioner and Sage and Orange Mask 

SMOOTH & FINE HAIR -> Coconut solid conditioner and Sage & Orange mask 

CURLY HAIR -> Orange and Shea Liquid Conditioner and Henna and Shea Mask 

DRY AND DAMAGED HAIR -> Orange & Shea Liquid Conditioner and Henna & Shea Mask

Hair is like plants: it gives you back the attention you give it. And washing will give you the best base for further treatments, such as moisturizing or coloring. It's time to make time for it.

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